Getriebe Fraeße für Maisplücker und Sonnenblumenpflücker Getriebe von Olimac

26. April 2021

Olimac harvesting headers – each component exclusively designed to harvest your crops

A company dedicated to building the perfect harvesting header

As corn hybrids improve and potential corn yields rise, so are the demands on corn heads. Olimac is working day-to-day to meet modern farmers’ needs and therefore develop revolutionary harvest solutions.

Olimac’s exceptionally high vertical integration level allows extraordinary control in designing and manufacturing combine headers for corn- and sunflower harvest. Unlike other header producers, Olimac manufactures all gearbox components inside their own factory. This gives their engineers tremendous freedom to design harvesting headers utterly independent from suppliers. Where other producers are limited to their supplier terms, Olimac can focus on building the best machine to harvest your crops.

Mithilfe von moderner CAD Technik werden Bauteile für Olimac Maispflücker und Sonnenblumenpflücker konstruiert.

Putting innovations into practice

Dedicated to this principle, Olimac has introduced several innovations to make your harvest more productive. Unique in the industry solutions, such as spiral bevel gearboxes and individual component protection, differentiate our headers from other corn and sunflower header manufacturers. With patented technologies, like automatic self-adjusting deck plates, deck plate suspension, or DRAGO GT’s double chopping system, Olimac demonstrated how to put innovation into praxis and improve harvest efficiency.

Schrägverzahnte Getriebe in Olimac Drago GT Maispflücker

Unique flexibility

Another advantage of Olimac’s high vertical integration is the possibility of implementing individual solutions for customers flexibly and in record time. Thanks to the efficient production of Olimac and the dynamic service of Dragotec International, customer requirements are implemented quickly and fulfilled reliably. In the section “about us”, you find more information about Olimac’s highly modern production facility.

Olimac Werk moderne Maschinen Produktion von Maispflückern


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