Olimac Connect
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Do you want to flexibly use your harvesting header on your combine and forage harvester? For this purpose, Olimac has developed a special adapter for easy earlage harvest. With this adapter, you can convert your Claas forage harvester to fit all common combine attachments in just a few minutes.

Bild eines Zwischenadapters für die Lieschkolbensilage

Earlage harvest

Higher energy density

Earlage harvest , also called snaplage, refers to the harvest of corn with a corn header attached to a forage harvester. It is used when a higher energy density of the silage is desired. Particularly in dairy and live-stock farming, this high-energy feed offers opportunities to optimize milk yield or animal weight gain through targeted admixture. With the help of the Olimac Connect adapter, you can easily start with earlage harvest.

Bild eines Maishäckslers mit einem Maispflücker für die Lieschkolbensilage
Bild eines Zwischenadapters für die Lieschkolbensilage

Extra large feeding auger

Constant crop flow

The extra large feeding auger of the Olimac Connect ensures a seamless transfer of the crop material from the chopping unit to the pre-compression roller of the forage harvester. With a diameter of 400 mm, a constant crop flow and optimum utilization of the forage harvester is guaranteed, resulting in a consistently high quality chopped plant material.

Ultra-robust drive train

Ready for every challenge

The Olimac Connect adapter features a specially developed, enormously robust full gear drive that reliably operates even under demanding harvesting conditions. All drive components run maintenance-free inside a closed oil bath gearbox.

Seitenansicht eines Zwischenadapters für die Lieschkolbensilage

Narrow design

Less load on the front axle

The extra narrow construction of the Olimac-Connect adapter with only 50 cm depth reduces the distance between the attachment and theforage harvester feeder house to a minimum. This facilitates the transfer of plant material while reducing the load on the front axle. Thus, wear on the front wheels and tracks is minimized.


Easy Installation

The Olimac Connect adapter is equipped with an integrated quick release fitting to the forage harvester. With the help of a lever, the corn picker can be quickly and safely locked.


Bild eines Zwischenadapters für die Lieschkolbensilage

Integrated supports

Secure stand, easy storage

The three integrated supports can be individually adjusted to the desired height. This allows for quick installation as well as safe parking of the equipment.

Two transport hooks on the adapter allow for easy handling of the adapter without the need to attach it to the forage harvester.


For all brands and models

The Olimac Connect adapter lets you mount all attachments suitable for Claas combine harvesters of the Lexion, Tucano and Trion series on your Claas forage harvester. Regardless of the manufacturer or model of the attachment. This provides unmatched flexibility and independence when choosing your header attachments. You no longer have to limit yourself to specific manufacturers or models, but are free to choose and use the Olimac Connect Adapter to attach all suitable implements to your forage harvester.

Schweißroboter schweißen vollautomatisch die Rahmenteile der Olimac Erntevorsätze

Olimac Quality

Highest demands on durability

All Olimac products are manufactured to the highest standards of quality and durability. The adapter components were designed and manufactured with the help of state-of-the-art CAD technology, precisely tailored to fit your forage harvester. Within the fully automated production, the basic components of the adapter are manufactured with laser cutting and automatic welding and bending robots to ensure meticulous precision and consistently high quality.


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