Darstellung des digitalen Ersatzteilbuches für Olimac Erntevorsätze auf verschiedenen Endgeräten

2. July 2021

Digital Olimac DRAGO spare parts service

Dragotec is introducing its digital spare part service for Olimac DRAGO corn- and sunflower headers. With this system, we want to offer an online-based solution where Olimac DRAGO customers can easily identify, and order needed spare parts for the upcoming harvest season.

Exclusively developed for Olimac DRAGO users

Therefore, we will provide and maintain a platform exclusively developed and tailored to the special needs of our dealers and end customers. Our new web-based system was specifically designed to be used not only on desktop computers but also to be used on mobile devices. So Olimac users can identify needed spare parts easily, also while working in the field.

You will find access to the new Olimac DRAGO harvesting headers spare part system in the after-sales and spare parts section on our website.

For Olimac customers from the US or Canada, we can recommend the after-sales section of dragotec.com. Here you will find information for DRAGO corn and sunflower headers running in North America.

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