header technology

How does a corn head work?

The operating principle of a corn header can be divided into 4 operating steps. First, the header snouts lead the corn plant towards the respective corn header row-unit. There the stalk rollers pull the corn plant downwards so that the deck plates positioned above can separate the corn cob from the plant. As the next step, the corn header transports the corn cobs with gathering chains to the feeding auger, which ensures the crop flow towards the combine feeder house. After picking the corn cob the remaining corn plant gets chopped by the corn header stalk rollers and chopping system.

How is a corn head driven?

The corn header is driven by the combine or self-propelled forage harvester over the PTO shaft.

How does a Sunflower header work?

The header snouts lead the sunflower plant towards the respective sunflower header row-unit. There the sunflower plant gets grabbed right underneath the sunflower head by rubber blockchains, which further transport the sunflower head towards the feeding auger. Meanwhile, disc knives underneath the row-unit gently cut the plant through to separate the sunflower head from the remaining plant. The feeding auger hands over the harvested crop to the combine feeder house.

How is a sunflower head driven?

The sunflower header is driven by the combine or self-propelled forage harvester over PTO shaft.


Header adjustment

How to adjust corn header deck plates properly?

Olimac Drago, Drago2, and Drago GT corn headers are equipped with self-adjusting deck plates, which do not require any manual adjustment under normal harvesting conditions. In case of extreme harvesting conditions, like in years of high drought, it is possible to change the pre-setting of the deck plate opening. Detailed information on deck plate adjustment can be found in your Olimac manual.

Correct corn header height control?

The correct distance of your corn header to the ground is dependent on Ground contour, soil properties, and harvest conditions. For further information to the topic height control please contact your Olimac dealer!

Correct sunflower header height control?

The sunflower header should cut the sunflower plant right underneath the sunflower head. So that just the sunflower head gets picked and enters into the combine for threshing. The decisive factor here is the lowest sunflower plant.


header equipment

Advantages of a chopping corn head?

Chopping corn heads directly process the remaining corn plant by cutting it into little pieces. Thereby a faster composting of the plant is possible and no further post-processing of the plant before tillage is needed.

Which equipment is needed for down corn harvest?

For down corn harvest special equipment like down corn lateral augers and aggressive gathering chains are recommended. For further tips on down corn harvest please contact your Olimac dealer!

Advantages of stalk killers on a corn header?

Stalk killers destruct the remaining corn stalks in front of the combine tires or tracks by pushing the stalks on the ground. This minimizes wear on tires or tracks.

What typical corn planting row distances?

Corn is planted in very varying row distances. Dependent on the region, rainfall, climate, soil quality, and technical equipment of the Farm. Typical row spaces are between 50cm (20“) and 150cm (60“).


header Usage

How to harvest down corn?

At down corn harvest it is very important, that the gathering chains reach out to the plant and give it over to the stalk rollers. Please consider possible down corn harvest equipment to ease your harvest!

What is the right working speed at corn harvest?

The correct working speed at corn harvest is very dependent on harvest conditions and combine threshing performance. Under normal conditions (no down corn) typical harvest speeds range between 6-12 kph (3,5-7,5 mph)

What is the correct working speed at sunflower harvest?

The correct working speed at sunflower harvest is very dependent on harvest conditions and combine threshing performance. Under normal conditions, typical harvest speeds range between 8-12 kph (5-7,5 mph)

How to harvest sunflowers with a corn header?

By installing a proper sunflower knife or a sunflower kit every Olimac Drago header can be easily transformed into a high-quality sunflower harvest head. Furthermore, the installation of a sunflower grid is recommended.

How to harvest Sorghum?

Olimac Drago Gold headers are perfectly suited for sorghum harvest.