Hyper technology on 20,000 m²

Olimac has created an impressive cosmos of futuristic industrial culture, visionary innovation and absolute cleanliness that is without equal in the world.

Ever since the construction of the first corn header in 1954, the owner family Carboni has focused on the evolution of this unique product, and developed an exceptional technological position. Olimac is a synonym for strong performance, the highest quality standards, perfect picking and loss-free harvests in record times.

Ideas centre. Data centre. Drago nucleus.

 Olimac’s specialists for design, development and planning use one of the most advanced CAD-CAM systems. Every stage in production is monitored and precisely documented by a complex information network.

Olimac lives sustainability

A domotic system manages the technical equipment and all the building functions – security, checks, lighting, heating and ventilation.

Olimac is committed to clean renewable energies. 75% of the company’s requirements is provided by photovoltaics.

Autonomous logistics

Very many of the production processes are fully automatic. Laser-controlled transport robots move between the high-bay warehouse and the assembly stations.

100% made by Olimac

Olimac manufactures almost all of the components for its corn headers itself, and every single one undergoes the most stringent tests using highly developed measuring systems.

Olimac has automated its laser cutting, frame welding, the production of transmission and reduction gears and gear wheels – the highest precision, cost efficiency and flexibility are to the benefit of the end product and the customer.

Colouring on the highest level

The fully automatic painting process, development by the company itself, generates a lacquer lifetime that is around 300% longer than the average. Olimac paint has an aesthetic sheen and offers lasting protection against rust.

Every single Drago is unique.

Specialists are responsible for the finishing of every single Drago 2 or Drago GT, which they do on two assembly lines, along with carrying out the final checks and fine adjustments in order to comply fully with the customer’s requirements.