DRAGO GT in field 1The premium header – maximum yields and revenue

Corn headers with technological perfection – the Drago GT by Olimac raises harvesting efficiency to a new level. Its double stalk chopper (option) achieves the ideal chopping results, eliminating the need for any additional mulching of plant remains. The Drago GT will save you time and money, and help you to actively prevent weeds and pests.


Access with a system, harvest without loss – Olimac exclusive

The Drago GT is the only corn header on the market to have the patented Olimac deck plates with automatic adjustment and quadsuspension. They are fitted with a special damping device that dampens the impact as the ears land on the plates. The ear is carefully picked off the plant and, rather than bouncing uncontrollably, remains in the feeder house and can be processed completely; no spraying or corn loss.


The longer knife rollers from Drago gently separate the plant from the stalks, and minimise spraying loss and chain wear.


Double the cut, the perfect cut – Olimac exclusive


Inside the double stalk chopper of the Drago GT are two facing blades that rotate in the opposite direction. They create a scissor effect that results in the stalks being cut twice. Olimac holds the exclusive worldwide patent to this function which accelerates the biological breakdown of the material on the ground. The stalk chopper is economical to use, requiring only about the same amount of fuel as a single chopper.



Automotive components – worldwide innovation in the agricultural sector


Instead of conventional gear transmissions, Olimac uses conical spiral gear transmissions from the automobile industry for the Drago GT. They transmit the full output, which reduces the amount of power, and are extremely quiet.


Olimac exclusive: for each row four clutches increase the output and safety. They are separately calibrated, and each one is adapted to a defined movement. In case of exceptional overloads, the shear bolts present on the main transmission prevent the combine-harvester and corn head components to be damaged.



500 mm auger


The Drago GT has the industry’s top figure: 500 mm. The large maintenance-free screw increases the intake speed of stored and dry corn with no grain loss.


Lightweight housing


Olimac has developed a housing made from a light alloy for the Drago GT, which reduces the weight of the machine. Localised use of cast iron has also optimised the stability.


Highly resilient paint


Olimac’s fully-automated painting process provides extraordinary results with regard to aesthetics and corrosion protection. It makes the paint last three times as long.

Exclusive features for a sophisticated product


  • Sunflower kit
  • Sunflower grid
  • Stalk killers: protects the harvester’s tyres
  • Lateral Auger
  • Sensor set for the automatic adjustment of the front attachment to the ground
  • The autopilot sensors adjust the direction of the combine automatically to the rows of corn.
  • Lighting bar for road travel
  • Ear stopping rubber elements for hill areas or with height difference