Update for the top seller

Olimac’s Drago 2 has set recognised industry standards all over the world. Its patented technology works under even tough conditions, and it is reliable and productive by downcorn.


The new generation of the Drago 2 – even more powerful, even more efficient, even more accessories.

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The intelligent deck plate – an Olimac exclusive

At the core of the Drago 2 is its automatic self-adjusting deck plate. The plate openings respond to pressure regardless of the row, and adapt smoothly to every single plant. Variable deck plates are an Olimac exclusive. Equipment made by other manufacturers sets all the rows equidistantly; thin ears are not picked. The Olimac process can also cope with extremely challenging harvesting conditions.


The longer Drago stalk rollers gently separate the ear from the plant, and minimise spraying loss and chain wear.


The option for perfect chopping


The rotating blades of the stalk chopper effortlessly chop maize stalks, leaving the field ready for plowing.


Robust – low-wear – durable

The bevel gears of the Drago 2 in hardened steel have a safety coupling to protect the drive elements. The chrome-plated steel gathering chains are spring-adjusted, the mechanical load minimised. The gathering chains are fitted with replaceable hard chrome pins, the stalk roller knives prevent material wrap page around the stalk rollers. Special quick couplings on the chassis provide easy access to the drive (no tools required) for maintenance tasks.

Exclusive features for a sophisticated product


  • Sunflower kit
  • Sunflower grid
  • Stalk killers: protects the harvester’s tyres
  • Lateral auger
  • Sensor set for the automatic adjustment of the front attachment to the ground
  • The autopilot sensors adjust the direction of the combine automatically to the rows of corn.
  • Lighting bar for road travel
  • Ear stopping rubber elements for hill areas or with height difference